What is Omnichannel?

By Anya Ow / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is one of the popular buzzwords flying around the industry, randomly smacking the uninitiated in the face. You’d be forgiven for thinking it has something to do with science fiction. The star of some new Transformers movie, maybe. Or the name for a new Pacific Rim Jaeger. Put simply, an “omnichannel” approach is a […]

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Writing Online Dating Profiles

By Anya Ow / June 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Writing Online Dating Profiles

Apparently, there’s a sex recession going on in America. As well as a trend towards staying single in Seoul. To be honest, who’s surprised? The world’s clearly ending. Climate change is real, extreme weather events are growing normal, we’re still burning fossil fuels, nationalism is rife everywhere… there was even a Nutella shortage recently. Horrific. […]

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Ethical Advertising

By Anya Ow / June 19, 2019 / Comments Off on Ethical Advertising

I’m in a movie theatre, waiting for a film to start. My friends and I tend to watch blockbusters because we’re easily entertained. With the world slowly burning down around us, it’s nice to spend a couple of hours every weekend pretending that tech billionaires would invest their money into armoured flight suits and personally […]

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james bond product placement

Product Placement

By Anya Ow / June 15, 2019 / Comments Off on Product Placement

I’m going to assume that you’ve watched the latest, too-long instalment in the never-ending money-printing franchise called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, I’m talking about Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t seen it — this article will contain a minor spoiler for the film, so proceed on your own risk. Still reading on? Good. Full disclosure: […]

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Podcast ads

By Anya Ow / June 10, 2019 / Comments Off on Podcast ads

I’m listening to Pod Save America, an entertaining American Democratic podcast run by ex-Obama staffers. They’re discussing the 2020 Democratic candidates, which, I confess, I’m not really following the discussion closely. I don’t particularly care which candidate ends up the final nominee. The field’s immensely crowded right now and as such, less interesting. It’s sort […]

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Adobe and Infringement

By Anya Ow / June 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Adobe and Infringement

I just got an email from @Adobe that I'm no longer allowed to use the software that I'm paying for. Time to cancel my subscription I guess. Share plz. — Matt Roszak 🍞 (@KupoGames) May 10, 2019 Adobe programs are to creatives what a tennis racquet is for Roger Federer, if there was only […]

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Pulling Ads in Protest

By Anya Ow / June 5, 2019 / Comments Off on Pulling Ads in Protest

Every morning, after I feed the cats, make breakfast, I open my MacBook and curse myself. “Twitter,” I say, “what’s the worst thing that happened while I was asleep?” YouTube’s algorithm has been curating home movies of unwitting families into a catalog of semi-nude kids, we found. YT often plays the videos after users watch […]

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Google and Ad Auctions

By Anya Ow / May 15, 2019 / Comments Off on Google and Ad Auctions

Google is changing how it’s selling programmatic advertising by the end of the year. It’s moving from a second price auction into first price ad auctions, where people bid what they actually want to pay for advertising. It’s… wait. Did you understand any of that? If you did, skip this article. You probably already work […]

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The Rise of Anti-Advertising

By Anya Ow / March 16, 2019 / Comments Off on The Rise of Anti-Advertising

We get it. It’s hard for ads to stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot of noise out there and it can feel like the big, expensive, TV campaign you’re funding is just going to sink into the void, making only a tiny splash for your efforts. Stuff like ad jingles don’t just cost […]

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Remix Culture and Advertising

By Anya Ow / February 16, 2019 / Comments Off on Remix Culture and Advertising

Near the Christmas break, I participated in a black market exchange. It did not involve drugs. I’d become a fan of a Chinese web novel with a multi-part animated series that had amassed a considerable following of fans. This meant fanwork being produced at fan conventions, where rows of booths sell fanart, pins, and other […]

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