Podcast ads

By Anya Ow / June 10, 2019 / Comments Off on Podcast ads

I’m listening to Pod Save America, an entertaining American Democratic podcast run by ex-Obama staffers. They’re discussing the 2020 Democratic candidates, which, I confess, I’m not really following the discussion closely. I don’t particularly care which candidate ends up the final nominee. The field’s immensely crowded right now and as such, less interesting. It’s sort […]

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Adobe and Infringement

By Anya Ow / June 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Adobe and Infringement

I just got an email from @Adobe that I'm no longer allowed to use the software that I'm paying for. Time to cancel my subscription I guess. Share plz. — Matt Roszak 🍞 (@KupoGames) May 10, 2019 Adobe programs are to creatives what a tennis racquet is for Roger Federer, if there was only […]

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Pulling Ads in Protest

By Anya Ow / June 5, 2019 / Comments Off on Pulling Ads in Protest

Every morning, after I feed the cats, make breakfast, I open my MacBook and curse myself. “Twitter,” I say, “what’s the worst thing that happened while I was asleep?” YouTube’s algorithm has been curating home movies of unwitting families into a catalog of semi-nude kids, we found. YT often plays the videos after users watch […]

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Google and Ad Auctions

By Anya Ow / May 15, 2019 / Comments Off on Google and Ad Auctions

Google is changing how it’s selling programmatic advertising by the end of the year. It’s moving from a second price auction into first price ad auctions, where people bid what they actually want to pay for advertising. It’s… wait. Did you understand any of that? If you did, skip this article. You probably already work […]

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The Rise of Anti-Advertising

By Anya Ow / March 16, 2019 / Comments Off on The Rise of Anti-Advertising

We get it. It’s hard for ads to stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot of noise out there and it can feel like the big, expensive, TV campaign you’re funding is just going to sink into the void, making only a tiny splash for your efforts. Stuff like ad jingles don’t just cost […]

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Remix Culture and Advertising

By Anya Ow / February 16, 2019 / Comments Off on Remix Culture and Advertising

Near the Christmas break, I participated in a black market exchange. It did not involve drugs. I’d become a fan of a Chinese web novel with a multi-part animated series that had amassed a considerable following of fans. This meant fanwork being produced at fan conventions, where rows of booths sell fanart, pins, and other […]

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TV vs Digital Advertising

By Anya Ow / September 8, 2018 / Comments Off on TV vs Digital Advertising

Here in Starship, we listen to a lot of podcasts. The creative director likes a mix of American politics and true crime, our social media manager’s trying out Serial, and I’m more of a law/politics person. Unless it’s Game of Thrones season, then it’s Game of Thrones all the way. Pity we’ll have to wait […]

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The Dark Side of Stock Imagery

By Anya Ow / September 1, 2018 / Comments Off on The Dark Side of Stock Imagery

If you’ve been hanging around the ad agency echelons of Twitter, you’d have seen this thread: So today I’m going to tell you the story of How I Ended Up with my Face On a McDonald’s Advert in China – A Cautionary Tale. Six or so years ago, a friend in Canada posted a pic […]

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Political Advertising

By Anya Ow / July 28, 2018 / Comments Off on Political Advertising

It’s politics season for Australia. I think. I’m not really what you’d call plugged into the Australian political scene — US politics sucks up so much air sometimes that it’s hard to remember that we actually live on the other side of the world. Australian politics has been trying its best to compete with the […]

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Travel Advertising

By Anya Ow / July 2, 2018 / Comments Off on Travel Advertising

Want to escape this dreary winter and flee to an isolated tropical island? You’re not alone. I’ve been day dreaming about reclining on a beach lounger, sipping mango smoothies and napping under the afternoon sun since the first day of June. This is quite easy to do in 2018 – by simply browsing the world virtually: you […]

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